Mill Fortuna

De Fortuin Translated: 
The Fortune "De Fortuin" is a grindcorn mill but also a hulling mill. It is an eightsided stage mill and a topwheel mill. This type of mill, of which the cap (about 15 ton) can be turn around about 360 degrees, is a development of Jan Lieve, son of Moerbeke, who was a refugee from Belgium in 1570. We know that round1830 a mill of the day was broken up on this place. Why is not clear, but we think that the state of the mill was bad. It is also not clear what the situation was before 1830. The mill, which was built after 1830 was burned down in 1890. The mill of these days comes from Grijpskerk, about 6 km to the west of Noordhorn. We didn"t know why this mill was sold in Grijpskerk and how long it has been staying there. The mill has had many names like "Specht", Fortuna and the latest name was given in 1998.

"De Fortuin" (translated: the fortune).
De Fortuin has been stopped in 1971 and after that time the mill goes down very fast. Even in a storm in 1980 a part of the wings has come down. After this event a sign-manual action from the population of Noordhorn has been kept and the result was, the mill has been restored in 1982 for about 350.000 Dutch guilders. We have celebrated the centenary in June of 1990. It was miraculous that the mill was still available, because during a storm in February in that year, the mill was run away. The volunteer fire brigade held the mill under bad circumstances. The municipality of Westerkwartier is the owner of the mill. Volunteers of the board of this mill are available from 1 April until 1 November on Saturday morning or noon. It is also possible to make een appointment to visite the mill. See “Mail sturen””